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New fitness species: EMS technology into the family – BODYTIME health one stop product + Service

December 21, 2019

The real reason behind the continuous failure of traditional Gymnasium:


The booming economy in the past decade has not only brought better life to the Chinese people, but also brought a series of health problems. Why do countless gyms go bankrupt overnight while the public pays so much attention to big health? Is the environment really bad? NO! It’s the new fitness model has quietly come, it is efficient! It’s to save resources! It's dimension reduction and forced!



Looking back the development of the fitness industry in the United States, the development of offline b-end fitness has gradually formed a polarization: the core area is occupied by high-end gym giants such as equinox and La fitness, while planet fitness and some low-cost fitness studios also occupy their own market position. Family scene is the biggest breakthrough in American fitness and health industry in recent two years: peloton, mirror and tonal are all the most convenient ways to bring you fitness by combining family scene with software and hardware plus content. Of course, the development of many industries in China is later than that in Europe and the United States, but it will soon surpass that in Europe and the United States, and this time is no exception.



Analysis of peloton's successful cases:


In just two years, Peloton has become a stubborn company with nearly $10 billion. Many people study Peloton and think that it is a brand new species. Jin Xin, founder of k-ems and BODYTIME, thinks that Peloton is actually a dimension reduction method paved by SoulCycle for many years. In the first three years of Peloton's birth, SoulCycle was popular all over the United States with the super offline experience of m-bike. A class costs 60-80 dollars, and it's a group class; The charm of music and teachers, plus the cool decoration of online and offline stores, soon they won a large number of loyal users. However, in the process of expansion, SoulCycle has encountered a series of problems: limited geographical location selection, loss of user stickiness, limited coverage of people and so on. Many office workers living in suburbs or satellite cities feel that going to SoulCycle is far and expensive. They are active at the beginning, but they still have too much pressure to bear it for a long time.

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At this time, Peloton has solved the above series of problems. Just buy a bike, you can follow the same excellent teacher at home, and interact with other users online. Of course, many Peloton seed users have experienced SoulCyle, a highly motivated offline course’s KOC. Jinxin thinks that the same problems will easily appear in the future Chinese fitness market, such as those in the first tier cities of North, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and the time and transportation cost to go to the offline gymnasium once is very high. Frequent travel and relocation of jobs and places of residence have become the norm for young people today. Traditional gym will not perish, but the larger fitness market will surely gradually home its scene, anytime and anywhere.



EMS fitness has the same opportunities for dimension reduction:



Since 2016, Germany, Japan, South Korea's major EMS equipment began to enter China. For urban people, 20 minutes can be equivalent to 2-3 hours of exercise effect of EMS fitness, solving a lot of user pain points. However, the high cost of a class ranging from 400 to 800 RMB, which is similar to private teaching fees, still makes many users shy away, and still faces the time cost of transportation to the store. The market of EMS C-end products has become a huge space for imagination


K-ems founding team with more than 100 offline stores officially launched the latest C-end EMS product brand BODYTIME in August this year. The whole product is composed of EMS intelligent hardware and EMS training suit, and the hardware can be controlled manually or by small program.

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On the APP side, BODYTIME also connects new Internet retail with technology. In addition to rich and diversified course content, it also adds an interesting "punch in and send food" activity. It is the first time to punch in and give lucky coffee as a gift. It has launched a nationwide marketing activity of "punch in 5 days and give away 5 cups of small blue cups", which can be exchanged directly on the app. In less than three weeks, the first thousands of EMS leggings (priced at 3299RMB) have been sold out. EMS sports jacket, sports waistband, sports shorts and EMS body / face lifting equipment will be launched soon.



Those high-tech that can only be seen in movies have quietly come into our lives. Will BODYTIME be the next batch of dark horses of big health? Let's wait and see

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