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Our product line is divided into health, fitness and beauty. For different product lines, we have different factories responsible for production. At the same time, because we combine hardware, clothing and software, our production team also includes hardware factory, clothing factory and IT team. We aim to provide the best service and products for our customers.


We are a company that attaches great importance to brand. BODYTIME is our brand. We welcome dealers and hypermarkets from all over the world to purchase our RTS products and build this brand with us. Of course, we also welcome excellent brands, such as DESCENTE, to cobranding with us. Our company is committed to the promotion and application of EMS technology, so if there is a company with the same ambition and find us to OEM EMS technology products, we will also help such a company under our MOQ.


Our company has a strong R & D team, including the attending doctor of sports rehabilitation from united family hospital, Nobel laureate Dr. Constantine, etc. At the same time, we also have in-depth cooperation with TalkMed listed medical institutions in Singapore to jointly develop EMS products。For the hardware and software part, several top technology experts in the world jointly developed for 5 years, bringing the most advanced fitness technology to everyone. We are different from many Chinese production-oriented factories. We pay more attention to the quality of products, the practicability of medicine and the experience of customers. All the management teams have the background of studying in the United States. If you cooperate with us, you will get a different experience.

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